Hair Loss Natural Remedies: Hypnosis

Among the hair loss natural remedies, there are various alternative remedies that are rather controversial. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one of these controversial remedies. While skeptics won’t recognize the merits of hypnosis, there are patients that actually get results from hypnotherapy, which can prevent hair loss and improve hair growth.


Hypnotherapy, more commonly known as hypnosis, is an alternative treatment that can be used to eliminate bad habits such as smoking, drinking or binge eating to achieve weight loss. However, the therapy may also be targeted to treat or prevent conditions such as hair loss.

The hypnosis is performed by a hypnotherapist that will induce a state of calmness and this may eliminate stress, anxiety or other emotional problems that may lead to smoking or cause certain conditions in the body. The effects of hypnotherapy haven’t been demonstrated, but there are a few ardent followers that claim this therapy is highly effective.

Hypnosis for Hair Loss

For people that suffer from hair loss, hypnosis can work by:

  • Reducing stress, which is suspected to contribute to hair loss in some people
  • Driving away the patient’s beliefs and misconceptions about hair loss
  • Encouraging the patient to envision himself with healthy, thick hair, which could possibly influence the advancement of hair loss
  • Stimulating the blood flow to the scalp, improving the oxygenation and nutrition of hair follicles
  • Inducing cellular memory changes, which can result in a change in the structure of the hair follicles and growth of new hair

A hypnotherapy session may last between 15 and 60 minutes and will induce a deep state of relaxation. The hypnotherapist may use various techniques to have access to the subconscious of the patient, and will transmit various positive thoughts that will influence the patient’s thinking and well-being. After the therapy is over, the patient will be brought back to consciousness. Some patients will remember the time during the therapy, while others won’t; however, all patients will feel calmness after each session.

The hypnosis should be performed in several sessions (between 3 and 10), until the patient starts to see some improvement (physical or psychological). Hypnotherapy is recommended in patients that are unresponsive to other types of treatments.

Hypnosis Effectiveness

Skeptics will dismiss the possibility of hypnosis being effective for any types of problems, including hair loss. However, people that have benefited of a number of hypnosis sessions may see some results. A study conducted on 20 patients with hair loss issues has shown good results, over 50% having improved hair growth. All patients have shown psychological improvement.

Some of the individuals have reported feeling a tingling sensation in the scalp during the hypnosis sessions. In any case, even if the hair won’t start to grow, the patient may feel more relaxed. The hypnosis may eliminate the patient’s fears about becoming bald, helping him to embrace his condition.

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