9 Misconceptions about Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a common problem in men and may be due to various causes, mainly genetics. Even if the hair loss is an old problem, there are still some misconceptions about this issue. These misconceptions are related to the causes and the treatment of alopecia.

1. Male Hair Loss Is Caused by Hair Products

Hair products are more and more used by men these days, and some people believe that these hair products clearly affect the quality of the hair and the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

Even if certain hair gels and hair mouse may damage the hair, these products don’t cause alopecia. Ideally, the scalp shouldn’t be exposed to too many chemicals, so the shampoos, conditioners and gels used on a regular basis should be healthy products.

2. Alopecia Occurs Early in Life

In men, alopecia may occur after the age of 20, but there are cases when the hair loss starts only later in life. This may be due to a hormonal disproportion in the body, which can appear at any point in the man’s life.

3. Alopecia Is Inherited from the Father

Even if hair loss has been demonstrated to be a hereditary trait, the hair loss is not always inherited from the father. The alopecia may be inherited from other members in the father’s family or from the mother’s side.

Consequently, if the father of the patient has no hair, the patient may or may not have alopecia, depending on his genes and the rest of the family.

4. Emotional Problems Cause Alopecia

Alopecia is not caused by stress or emotional problems. However, these problems may cause intensive hair stroking, which will weaken the hair and make it easy to be pulled out.

5. Dandruff Causes Alopecia

Dandruff doesn’t affect the hair follicles, so dandruff is not considered a cause of hair loss in men. However, the problem should be controlled with various shampoos and products, as it may cause discomfort and embarrassment.

6. Shaving the Head Will Prevent Hair Loss

Shaving the head to prevent hair loss or to improve the quality of the hair is not a method that has been proven to show any results. The frequent shaving of head may speed up the hair loss process.

7. Massage and Brushing Can Eliminate Hair Loss

The hair loss is not caused due to a lack of blood flow in the scalp area, so a massage or repeated brushing cannot eliminate or prevent hair loss.

8. Sex Can Improve the Quality of Hair

The hair loss can be linked to the lack of male sexual hormone, but the hormone will not be supplied if the patient has an active sexual life.

9. Hair Loss Can Be Reversible

Hair loss is typically not reversible, as it is a hereditary problem. However, if the hair loss is caused by a treatment or a temporary hormonal issue, the hair should grow back after the underlying problem is fixed.

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