Understanding Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Deep Furrows

Fine lines and wrinkles, along with deep furrows, can happen to anyone, sometimes regardless of age. However, there is a reason why some people, who are not genetically predisposed to early wrinkling, become prematurely wrinkled; the reasons are usually poor maintenance of their skin and their body as a whole.

Root Causes of Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Deep Furrows

Fine lines, wrinkles and deep furrows are caused when the epidermis is unable to maintain the appropriate amount of water or moisture necessary to keep the skin moisturized. This skin layer does not make or contain enough collage to keep the skin from becoming loose and forming fine lines, wrinkles and deep furrows.

You can’t stop aging, but you can stop the appearance of it by taking care of yourself and your skin. Eating a healthy diet and adopting a skin care ritual that includes applying a moisturizer to your skin daily will help to ward off wrinkles. Staying well hydrated and taking vitamins will help as well.

Sun Damage and Wrinkles

The sun’s UV rays damage your skin from the top layer of your skin all the way down to the bottom layer. The skin starts to become leathery and wrinkled after years of this kind of abuse to the skin and, often there is no reversal of this damage without extensive cosmetic procedures.

Smoking and Wrinkles

As if it weren’t bad enough that smoking can cause cancer, yellow teeth and smelly clothes, it can also cause wrinkles. Smoking leads to pre-mature aging, which leads to premature wrinkling.

The nicotine in cigarettes causes a narrowing of the blood vessels that causes less oxygen, vitamin A and other nutrients to get to your skin. Also, the thousands of chemicals in cigarettes damage the skin and the body overall and leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Stress and Wrinkles

When you are stressed, your face shows it by frowning, grimacing or furrowing your eyebrows. Doing this for long periods of time affects the muscles of your face and soon leads to deep furrow between your eyebrows and the worry lines around your eyes. Stress related wrinkles are not always permanent. Once the stressful time in your life is over, if it hasn’t lasted too long, the muscles in your face will eventually relax and the deep furrows or wrinkles will generally reduce down to just fine lines on your face.

It is important that you understand fine lines and wrinkles and how deep furrows are formed. Knowing how they are formed means you know the cause and sometimes knowing the cause means you will learn how to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and deep furrows from appearing on your face. Not all wrinkles will be able to be prevented. But, with proper prevention and using the latest cosmetic procedures, you don’t have to keep those fine lines and wrinkles.

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