Eczema Treatment: Skin Barrier Emulsions

There are three popular skin barrier emulsions for eczema treatment. Two of the emulsions are over-the-counter products but are highly endorsed by dermatologists for atopic eczema, and the other is available by prescription only. Each contain one of the main properties necessary to help heal breakouts of eczema-ceramides. Each contains three lipids found in normal skin that those with eczema often lack: ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol.

Prescription Only Skin Barrier Emulsion: EpiCeram

The prescription only skin barrier emulsion is EpiCeram, and it is used as an eczema treatment and protection for affected skin and for those with chronically dry skin. This emulsion contains ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that the body normally produces. The areas of atopic eczema breakouts lack these essential lipids, and EpiCeram works to replace the necessary lipids so that the breakout can heal and be restored.

EpiCeram can be used on most any place on the body, and the duration of using it is limitless. It can also be used on infants who suffer from eczema. This skin barrier for eczema is relatively safe with few side effects. You may notice some burning or tingling when you first apply it to the affected areas, but this is true with most any topical eczema treatment.

Studies conducted for those who have used EpiCeram have shown the product to be successful, and most insurance companies cover this prescription.

OTC Skin Barrier Emulsion for Atopic Eczema

Over-the-counter eczema treatment is available and many have been created with the help of dermatologists. Dermatologists have been known to recommend CeraVe as well as Aveeno for eczema to their patients.

CeraVe for Eczema

CeraVe is a moisturizing skin barrier emulsion that claims to help restore the natural skin barrier as well as maintain a healthy epidermis. Much like EpiCeram, it also contains the necessary ceramide lipids needed to help treat outbreaks of eczema. It is also a great moisturizer for the skin.

CeraVe is marketed as a Multi-Vesicular Emulsion, MVE, and is one of the first over-the-counter skin barrier emulsions to rival the prescription emulsions such as EpiCeram. CeraVe will soften the skin with its moisturizers while helping to restore the natural skin barrier and help to maintain the integrity of the skin. This product can be found at most retail stores as well as online.

Aveeno Skin Barrier Emulsion for Eczema

Aveeno for eczema has an entire line of products available. Aveeno also has products available to treat babies with eczema. Their products include skin barrier emulsions for eczema as well and bath and body products. Continued use of this product claims to help maintain the natural skin barrier and reduce the chances of having future eczema outbreaks.

Each emulsion has been researched by dermatologists and patients. Each product has been found to be helpful in healing outbreaks of atopic eczema, is safe, has few side effects, and each has no limit to the duration you can use them as an eczema treatment and eczema prevention.

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