Eczema Natural Treatment: Probiotics

Probiotics as an eczema natural treatment have been touted across many health channels and in the medical community. Probiotics have become popular since they started putting them in yogurts and shakes to help with digestion. Probiotics help to replenish natural healthy flora in the digestive tract, build up a stronger lining of the stomach and boost immunity. Studies have been conducted to find out the use of probiotics as a natural eczema treatment option.

Research Results

Much research has been conducted on the use of probiotic supplements to help those with eczema. However, most of the research conducted has been in pregnant women who will have babies with a high risk of eczema, as well as newborn babies. The pregnant women and infants were given probiotic supplements and the findings were that either the newborn babies did not have eczema or had fewer allergens (after a two year follow-up). The other study participants given a placebo did show some women gave birth to babies that had more allergen-related breakouts of eczema; infants that already had eczema continued to have flareups at the same rate.

Although the cause of eczema is unknown, the researchers went with one possible finding that it is genetic. The belief was that women with eczema would be at a high risk of transmitting it to their babies as well. The results showed that if a pregnant woman has a high risk baby, the introduction of probiotics into her daily diet could help reduce the chances of the baby being born with this skin condition, or at least lessen the baby's reaction to allergens. Infants with the condition could have fewer and less severe flareups of eczema, as well as reduce their food allergen causes with this eczema natural treatment.

Probiotics for Home Remedy

So far the studies that have been conducted to see if introducing probiotic supplements into an adult eczema sufferer have been poor. The findings show little to no improvement of the skin condition. Probiotics can, however, boost the immune system, which is one of the main causes of eczema flareups. The research continues, and studies of long-term probiotic use for eczema natural treatment have not been long in their duration. Probiotics are a safe way to keep your digestive tract healthy as well as possibly improve the condition of your body as a whole.

Much more research is underway for the use of probiotics to help strengthen the immune system to ward off eczema outbreaks due to environmental factors and allergens. Some people independently say that taking probiotic supplements or consuming food that has probiotics in them has helped their eczema, but no scientific data has been released yet that supports this claim. Pregnant women with eczema may want to consider including probiotics in their daily diet as a natural eczema treatment prevention for their baby. If the study results hold true, then the baby born will either not have eczema or will have built up immunities and have far less reaction to allergens.

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