Eczema Natural Treatment: Behavioral Approach

There are numerous eczema natural treatments, but there is currently no cure for this condition. However, the symptoms of eczema can be treated. The Behavioral Approach for alleviating the symptoms is fast becoming a standard protocol for patients who cannot control scratching their eczema. Patients may find that they even scratch areas of their body when no itching sensation is apparent. The Behavioral Approach combines standard medications for eczema in collaboration with psychological sessions to reduce flare ups, and keep the skin intact and infection free. This regimen will also teach patients how to be more self aware and break the habit of scratching.

The Behavioral Approach as Eczema Natural Treatment

Dr. Peter Noren, a Swedish dermatologist, developed the beginnings of the Behavior Approach for eczema in the 1980s. Noren theorized that much of the scratching done by the patient to the areas of skin with eczema was related more to habit than it was to actual itchiness to the area. Noren's Behavorial Approach as a long-term treatment for the symptoms of atopic eczema was further developed by another dermatologist, Dr. Richard Staughton along with Dr. Christopher Bridgett, a psychologist. Through research, the pair realized that much of the scratching was indeed done out of habit and most often the person scratching the areas with eczema were doing so with no conscious awareness of it.

Undergoing This Eczema Natural Treatment

If you choose to enter into a behavioral treatment program, you can expect the treatment to last approximately six weeks. During the course of treatment you will learn habit reversal techniques as well as ways to become more self aware. The researchers that spearheaded this approach found that self awareness was one of the most important things to be learned. By taking on a psychological approach as well as combining the standard remedies for eczema (steroidal and emollient treatment), you can learn how to be more aware of what you are doing as well as have the medicinal care to help heal your skin.

Habit Reversal and Teaching Self Awareness

Patients who have undergone the Behavioral Approach for eczema natural treatment left the program with the psychological tools necessary to be more conscious of their habits and taught how to reverse the habit of scratching their eczema-prone skin. Most treatment programs such as this are done as an inpatient basis, but can also be done on an outpatient basis with the guidance of a psychiatrist and a dermatologist who are willing to team together to help you break the habit of scratching the areas and making them worse.

It is important for you to understand that scratching the areas of eczema on your body can lead to worsening of the condition, as well as creating a break in the skin by which bacteria can enter and cause infection. By learning the habit reversal techniques, learning how to be more self aware and being provided with standard eczema medical care, you can expect to have fewer flare ups of atopic eczema. Eczema natural treatment with physical remedies and psychological applications has helped many eczema sufferers break the cycle of atopic eczema flare ups.

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