Preparing for Your Athlete's Foot Appointment

Preparing for your athlete's foot appointment doesn't require much, but if you take the time to properly prepare, you can increase your chances of a successful treatment. Before you go to your doctor, prepare with the following:

Observation of Your Symptoms

The most important step in preparing for your athlete's foot appointment is simply to prepare to answer a number of questions your doctor may have. Your doctor will want to know when you first noticed the symptoms of a fungal infection, whether or not your family members currently have a fungal infection, if you frequently wear socks and closed-toed shoes, what your infection looked like at the start, and if you are experiencing itching or pain. You should also tell your doctor whether or not you've tried any over-the-counter remedies, and which have made your infection worse and which have made your infection better, if either is applicable.

Prepping Your Skin

Your doctor will want to take a close look at your athlete's foot during your appointment. You can prepare your skin by washing the area gently with unscented soap a few hours before your appointment and patting it dry. Do not wear lotions, creams or ointments on the affected skin before your appointment and wear breathable, comfortable shoes and socks that you can easily remove.

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