Athlete's Foot Treatment: Tinactin

One of the most well know Athlete's Foot treatment, Tinactin comes in a variety of formats including creams, sprays and powders. This product is well known for it's slogan, "Tough Actin' Tinactin," as well as for the long time spokesman for the line, John Madden. The main ingredient in Tinactin is Tolnaftate, which inhibits the growth of fungi that can cause skin irritations. When this happens on the foot, it is commonly known as Athlete's Foot and can be very uncomfortable.

Athlete's Foot Defined

Athlete's Foot is a condition caused when fungi invades the skin. This is most common on the bottom of the foot or inbetween the toes of the foot. Heat and sweat in these two areas make them a perfect breeding ground for the fungus which causes Athlete's Foot. This is a highly contagious condition and, if left untreated, can damage toenails and spread to the rest of the body quickly. The symptoms are itchiness, burning, cracking skin and scaling.

Athlete's Foot can be contracted, most commonly, by walking barefoot through common wet areas such as showers or locker rooms. This is why it has become dubbed Athlete's Foot as it is more common among athlete's than non-athlete's. Feet which are sweating, hot and lack proper air ventilation are the most susecptible to this condition and again, athletes fit this bill perfectly.

Understanding Tinactin

The main ingredient in Tinactin is a chemical called Tolnaftate. Tolnaftate inhibits the growth of the fungi which causes Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch and ringworm. The most common delivery methods for Tolnaftate is via a spray, cream or powder which is applied to the infected areas twice daily. Some prescriptions for the use of the drug may vary depending on the severity of the infection so it is very important to follow the instructions for use precisely.

Treatment proceedures are generally the same, regardless of the carrier for the medicine:

  1. Clean and dry the infected area thoroughly
  2. Apply Tinactin to the infected area making sure to completely cover the infected area.
  3. Wash hands after applying the medicine, even if you used the spray.
  4. Treat shoes and socks as well with lighter treatments to kill any fungus on or in them.

Athlete's Foot Prevention

As stated, Athlete's Foot, while most common among athlete's, can be contracted by anyone. Taking preventative steps can prevent Athlete's Foot from ever happening.

  1. Wear well ventilated shoes
  2. If active for long periods of time, change you socks during the day.
  3. Wear sandals or flip-flops in locker room showers and bathrooms.
  4. Use Tinactin as a preventative in your shoes and on your feet before putting on your shoes.

As with any type of over the counter treatment, follow the directions and warnings for Tinactin and, if the problem persists for an extended period of time, consult your doctor. Tinactin is a very effective Athlete's Foot treatment when used properly and when taking the necessary steps to try to prevent the outbreak of Athlete's Foot. Always remember to keep your feet dry, wear clean socks, wear shoes with good ventilation and always have the Athlete's Foot Treatment Tinactin around for when you need it.

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