Athlete's Foot Treatment: Lamisil

Athlete's foot treatment is extremely important since the condition is progressive and if it reaches an advanced state, it can affect not only the skin, but the muscles as well. Athlete’s foot is a dermal disease which manifests in the form of blisters and cracked skin and is caused by the proliferation of microscopic fungi (dermatophites or yeasts) or by Gram-negative germs. It is a condition most common in sportsmen, but not limited to them, and it can be easily transmitted. Therefore, it is recommended that treatment starts as early as the first signs appear both for your comfort and for the prevention of spreading the disease.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is an infection usually localized between the toes, but it can manifest on the sides or on the bottom of feet. The signs of the condition consist of:

  • Redness
  • Blisters and cracked skin
  • Itches and blistering
  • Exfoliating skin
  • Burning sensations

Athlete's Foot Treatment: Lamisil

Athlete’s foot is a dermal disease which causes great discomfort and it can be spread to other people. Although it is most likely to appear in sportsmen (hence the name), it currently affects millions of people around the world. Lamisil is the most appropriate medication for mycotic conditions at the level of feet, especially for Athlete’s foot. From the first applications, Lamisil cures the symptoms of the disease, helping with itches, and exfoliating skin and the redness.

Unlike other medication, Lamisil destroys the fungus responsible for the disease in seven days, due to the effect of its main ingredient, Terbinafine hydrochloride. Terbinafine hydrochloride is a synthetic antifungal substance which dissolves lipids, fats and oils, and which has the tendency to accumulate in nails, skin and fatty tissue. It has been proven to be extremely efficient against dermal conditions caused by fungi.

Administration of Lamisil

Lamisil comes in different forms: creams, sprays, gels or lotions and can be purchased over the counter. It is recommended to be used once or twice a day on clean and dry skin. It is for external use only.

Precautions with Lamisil

Do not use Lamisil if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If it gets in contact with the eyes, it is recommended to wash the eyes thoroughly using water. If the discomfort persists, you should consult your doctor. If ingested, visit the doctor’s office.

Given that there are only few studies regarding the use in children below 12, it is for the better to avoid the use of Lamisil in patients in this age category. If you are dealing with severe mycosis or if the mycosis affects nails as well, it is best to consult the doctor for the most appropriate course of treatment and avoid over the counter solutions. During pregnancy, Lamisil can only be used under the doctor’s supervision.

Other Recommendations for Treating Athlete’s Foot

Besides the use of Lamisil as treatment, you should also:

  • Change socks daily
  • Avoid wearing tight socks
  • Avoid sock materials which do not allow the skin to breathe
  • After washing the affected area, dry it carefully
  • Change towels daily
  • Do not walk barefoot in public places
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