Athlete's Foot Remedies: Garlic Treatment

Athlete’s foot can be an extremely irritating skin condition, and despite a wealth of athlete’s foot remedies and medications, it can be difficult to treat effectively. It is generally contracted through the use of shared public services, where fungal elements make their way to the skin and begin to cause conditions like burning or itching, in addition to scaling or flaking of the skin. Different kinds of athlete’s foot manifest in different ways, generally affecting the heel of the foot and the area in between the toes.

Treatment for Athlete’s Foot

In lots of cases, doctors simply recommend a range of topical creams or ointments that can help a patient diminish their athlete’s foot over time. These include over-the-counter medications, as well as some prescription creams. Some patients with more severe athlete’s foot may also take pills for this condition, although this kind of treatment is relatively rare.

Although pharmaceutical treatments for athlete’s foot are popular, especially for the over-the-counter products, some experts have found that natural ingredients can work well to effectively diminish athlete’s foot. One of these is garlic. The flavorful, aromatic fruit of the garlic plant has many homeopathic uses, and one of them is the treatment of skin conditions like athlete’s foot. The use of this plant for treating this condition is just one example of the natural medicinal properties of garlic.

Using Garlic to Treat Athlete’s Foot

If you want to use garlic to treat your athlete’s foot condition, you can use it as an applied oil or in a foot bath. Different patients report various degrees of success for these two different methods. In addition, you can choose to get garlic in the form of supplements, or fresh garlic cloves and bulbs. Lots of home remedy enthusiasts agree that fresh garlic is generally more desirable.

To use garlic in a foot bath, simply mince the cloves and submerge them in water, soaking your feet for over 30 minutes. For garlic oils, crush the garlic to extract its essence and apply with a cotton ball or similar materials.

Chronic Athlete’s Foot

If your case of athlete’s foot doesn’t react promptly to a garlic cure, don’t despair. This condition can be extremely persistent and require additional medications to help it go away. Good home care will also help deal with the athlete’s foot condition and make sure that it doesn’t get out of control. Those who are suffering from athlete’s foot should change their socks as frequently as possible, keeping the feet dry. Choose shoes that breathe well to avoid “stifling” the feet and causing moisture to build up. With the right long term care, most cases of athlete’s foot deteriorate and go away over time.

Talk to your doctor about the right way to treat your particular case of athlete’s foot or other similar conditions like jock itch or ringworm. With good qualified medical advice, patients can succeed in getting rid of these troublesome fungal related skin issues.

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