Removing Scars: Causticum

Among alternative treatments for removing scars, homeopathic medications are often preferred over conventional treatment options. This is largely because homeopathic preparations put forth safety-of-use and ease-of-availability, along with effective results. Among homeopathic preparations recommended for removing scars, Causticum is among the most prescribed remedies. However, before choosing Causticum for treating scars, it is vital to have a basic understanding of its action and its applicability.

Basics of Causticum for Scar Treatment

Causticum is a pure distillate of Potassium Hydrate. It is retailed in tinctures of varying potencies. Potassium hydrate is made by mixing caustic lime with potash. The resulting compound is distilled to extract Causticum. Scars present a difficult proposition since treating them involves treatment at the superficial and internal level. The outside surface of scars is abnormally dry or crusted whereas internally, it is further hardened due to the presence of fibers that don’t allow conventional moisturizers and ointments to hydrate the scar tissue.

However, Causticum is known to treat scars in a holistic manner. It can treat scars caused due to burn injuries or even as serious as radiation-induced scarring. Causticum is among the few remedies that are helpful for treating old or mature scars. These are scars wherein the underlying fibers have formed strong adhesions and often need surgical treatment.

Various Applications of Causticum for Removing Scars

Causticum-enriched ointments are often found in packaged, homeopathic home-care kits. This is because they are safe for use across all age-groups and for various levels of scarring. For instance, scars associated with sunburns or recently-acquired scars that still hurt can be treated with Causticum. Scars that have no sensation but look like reddened blotches, often caused by skin infections, are also treatable with Causticum.

The utility of Causticum in dissolving thick scar tissue is underlined by the fact that it is also recommended for the treatment of joints wherein underlying adhesions or contractions have limited the mobility of the joints.

In terms of removing hardened scars, Causticum can also treat warts to some extent. Though it may not completely eradicate treat the viral infection causing warts, it can reduce the resultant scarring and arrest the spreading of scar tissue. Causticum is also used in the treatment of keloid scars. These are considered among the hardest of scars that are usually treated with surgical intervention.

Causticum is used for treating scars formed by allergic reactions. This includes scars wherein the edges are unusually inflamed or where the scar tissue might periodically ooze a thick fluid. These scars are a challenge to treat with conventional medications since they are very itchy and the edges crumble with the slightest of contact. The ability of Causticum to treat inflamed scars is proven by its use in treatment of similar conditions, wherein there is excessive inflammation and swelling. Examples include varicose veins, necrosis and caries.

Causticum Usage

There are negligible risks associated with using Causticum. It is an established remedy within the niche of homeopathy. However, people using other homeopathic combinations or prescription medications are advised to seek the advice of a certified homeopathic practitioner before using Causticum for removing scars.

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