Removing Scars: Calcium Fluoride

Among alternative methods used for removing scars, Calcium fluoride is a commonly recommended homeopathic aid. However, before using calcium fluoride for treating scars, gaining a basic understanding about its application is vital.

Calcium Fluoride Basics

Calcium fluoride, or calcium fluorite, is categorized as a tissue salt in homeopathy. This is because it is a naturally-occurring salt in the human body, found in the bones and some connective tissues. Calcium fluoride is also found in the enamel of teeth. The utility of calcium fluoride in removing scars is underlined by the fact that is among the most established of homeopathic remedies, wherein hardening of the tissues is indicated. This includes serious conditions like cataract, muscular adhesions, dark circles under eyes and extreme flaking of the scalp skin. Calcium fluoride is among the very few non-prescription remedies that can gradually eradicate the borders of stretch marks without topical application.

Calcium Fluoride Utility in Removing Scars

Calcium fluoride has been used by homeopathic practitioners for treating people who have hardened, mature scars. This includes scars formed due to previous injuries or post-surgical scars that usually have thick, underlying adhesions in the form of fibers. Keloid scars that are formed after severe acne breakouts can also be treated with Calcium fluoride. Such scars are unusually dry and cannot be treated with over-the-counter ointments. They are usually resolved by surgical intervention that is an invasive and expensive treatment option.

Even after surgery, such scars are prone to leave a visible trace since the underlying skin has undergone a certain degree of necrosis (death of tissue) that doesn’t allow the fresh layers of skin cells to overcome the scar site. This means further expenditures in the form of cosmetic treatments or plastic surgery to comprehensively camouflage the scars. However, Calcarea fluorica or calcium fluoride can treat such scars with appreciable results. Scars that are formed due to the compression of lymph nodes are unusually hard and surface in form of thick lesions. These scars may be accompanied by pain or hypersensitivity to sweat and sunlight. These scars have extensive thickening that cannot be resolved by most prescription drugs. However, Calcium fluoride can alleviate the sensitivity and the size of such scars.

Calcium Fluoride Usage

Like most tissue salts used in homeopathy, calcium fluoride is also taken in the form of tablets. Usually, these tablets are available in varying potencies in homeopathy pharmacies wherein some pharmacies often list calcium fluoride preparations under the name of ‘elasticity salts’. This is because Cal Fluoride is found in elasticity-rendering connective tissues. These are also retailed as Fluoride of Lime tablets. These are fast-dissolving tablets that are ideally placed under the tongue and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Though no serious side-effects are indicated after using calcium fluoride, seeking the advice of a homeopathic practitioner is seriously advised. Tissue salt remedies are seldom used in exclusion. This means that a homeopathic specialist is likely to recommend other tissue salts or mother tinctures of other homeopathic compounds to supplement the action of calcium fluoride therapy.

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