How to Use Vitamin E Oil to Treat Scarring

Scarring leaves behind darkened skin pigmentation following injury or illness. Scars don't usually require medical attention, but if you want to lighten their appearance for cosmetic improvement, you may have some level of success with a simple vitamin E home remedy. Here is how to use vitamin E oil to treat scarring:

Clean the Area

Because vitamin E does not contain antibiotic properties, you'll have to keep the scarred area free from bacteria in order to prevent infection. Just wash the area with soap and dry with a towel by dabbing.

Prepare the Vitamin E

You can use vitamin E oil in capsule form to treat scarring. Sterilize a pin or nail with alcohol. Use the sharp end to poke the capsule and squeeze the oil onto a cotton pad or piece of gauze. Be careful not to spill the oil onto clothing or other fabrics.

Dab the Affected Area

Dab the vitamin E oil gauze or cotton pad over the scarring. Rubbing can irritate the skin, so make sure you don't rub or press hard.

Let the Vitamin E Set

Allow the oil to stay on your skin for at least four to five hours each day. Do not cover the area with a bandage, as this can make it difficult for the skin to breathe and also increase your chance of infection. You can, however, use medical tape to place another sheet of gauze in place over the scar. Make sure to remove the gauze and wash the area again at the end of the day.

The most effective vitamin E scarring treatment takes at least one to two months of consistent application. Don't expect scars to be completely removed with home treatment, but you can make substantial improvements.

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