What to Expect During Vitalize Peel

It is quite important that you know what to expect during vitalize peel so that you can properly prepare for the treatment. If you wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots or acne scars, then this treatment may be a great solution for you. Before making a decision on whether or not to have the vitalize peel treatment performed, you must be sure that you're fully aware of the various aspects.


To ensure that your procedure is performed properly, it is important that your vitalize peel treatment be performed by a professional that is board certified as a skin care specialist or by highly trained medical assistants.

The procedure will usually begin with the specialist or assistant explaining the details of the treatment to you. Some professionals may choose to perform this procedure by incorporating a laser technique to increase results. However, the majority of professionals will simple apply multiple layers of the vitalize peel to achieve desired results.

Despite which technique is used, one component that should not change is the cleaning of the area that is to going to be treated. This process usually requires the use of some type of antiseptic cleanser. The vitalize peel procedure will not usually require you to take any medications prior to undergoing treatment, however, if a situation does occur where medication is needed, then your specialist should provide you information regarding this issue.

The vitalize peel is comprised of a variety of peeling agents such as beta hydroxy acid, alpha hydroxy acid, retinoic acid and resorcinol. The combining of these agents should leave your skin feeling and looking rejuvenated and healthy. This chemical peel treatment typically takes anywhere from twenty to forty minutes to complete. However, the amount of time needed to perform your treatment will be dependent upon the size of the area that you want to have treated.

As a patient, you shouldn’t experience any pain, however, you may experience a tingling sensation during and after the vitalize peel.


This sensation may last for as little as a few hours to approximately seventy-two hours after the treatment. After the procedure, you can expect one to three days of skin peeling. This is normal, and applying a moisturizer to the treated areas will usually conceal the skin peeling. You may experience lasting effects of the treatment that range from a few months to even years. It is recommended that you not apply skin products other than those recommended by your specialist, and avoid directly exposing your skin to the sun in an effort to maximize your results.


Make sure that you have realistic expectations regarding the treatment. Most patients are usually happy with the initial results, however, additional vitalize peel treatments may be recommended for patients based on how their skin reacts to the initial treatment. Typically, most patients can expect the specialist to perform a total of three to six treatments.

Remember to follow any instructions that are given to you by the specialist so that your initial expectations of the treatment are met and possibly exceeded.

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