How to Prevent Early Acne Scars

Deep acne scars can affect the social life of a person, and due to the disfiguring effect of these scars, many people are willing try any possible method to eradicate acne scars. Most people get affected by an acne condition at least once during their lifetimes. Most of them recover from acne problems without any scars, while some suffer from conspicuous acne scars. These scars can range from mild to severe, which need adequate treatment.

What Are Early Acne Scars?

As soon as an acne lesion heals, the skin in that area becomes red or dark colored, showing the post-inflammatory condition. This skin color change is a phase in the healing process of the skin, which may last for 6 to 12 months. This discoloration will disappear completely if that area does not get any further new infection. These are known as early acne scars. Such scars may become permanent if they remain untreated for more than 1 year or when they are not treated properly.

Preventing Acne Lesions

The best method to prevent early acne scars is to prevent the acne lesions from occurring. Avoid anything which aggravates your skin inflammation. For example, avoid eating oily and deep fried food items. Treating acne skin lesions as soon as they do occur can help you to prevent the formation of scars.

Avoid Sun Exposure

The sun’s harmful UV radiation can cause more damage to your skin, and hence, healing of acne may take a longer time, resulting in permanent early acne scars.

Avoid Picking or Pulling the Scabs

Whenever you pick or pinch an acne scab, it can only aggravate the inflammation. Scabs are actually formed in the healing process, and picking them will disturb the healing. This may result in long-lasting scars.

Find and Treat the Root Cause

Acne may be occurring due to an underlying medical condition – finding that root cause and treating it will be beneficial in reducing acne problems.

Easy Home Remedies

  • Lemon Juice: Lemon has an astringent property and thus can lighten the dark spots formed by acne. Wash the face and apply lemon juice to the acne dark spots and rinse the face with water after 10 minutes.
  • Baking Soda: Another easy home remedy for preventing early acne scar is applying a mixture of baking soda (1 tsp of soda with 2 tsp of mineral water) on face and rubbing it in circular motion. Rinsing face after a minute of this application will give a silky smooth texture to your skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil: This oil can clear clogged pores and also facilitate the healing process. As it is an anti-bacterial agent, it also inhibits the growth of bacteria in the acne inflammations.

All methods may not be suitable and effective for all skin types. You will have to try these methods one by one to find the remedy which will be effective in your case. In cases of severe scarring, you have to consult your dermatologist and take appropriate medication to facilitate the healing process of acne.

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