Get Rid of Acne Scars: Pros and Cons of Laser Treatments

Laser based technology allows skin rejuvenation treatments to fully treat patients by removing acne scars, permanently. Highly precise medical machinery targets damaged areas to different degrees depending on the scarring severity. Results rarely fluctuate in terms of success due to many product developments and advances. Instead, results will generally change only based on the patient’s severity of scarring, meaning more or less treatment will get required to fully remove unwanted areas of damaged skin.

Pro: Specified Treatment

Many laser treatments utilize machinery that will pin point damaged areas. This allows patients to avoid full treatment sessions, either on or off of the face. In turn, patients save time and money.

Con: Expensive Treatments

Although patients enjoy the benefits provided by laser based skin rejuvenation methods, even the smallest treatment sessions usually cost over $1,000. However, these numbers fluctuate. Consulting with the actual administering specialist prior to treatment will help patients gain a better understand of cost, benefits and possible risks.

Pro: Hypoallergenic

Laser based treatments do not use chemicals, manmade or natural additives that often cause allergic outbreaks in a number of patients. Instead, energy through the form of heat and light treat damaged regions of skin. No chance of allergic reaction exists in most cases when patients receive laser based treatments.

Con: Some Pain and Recovery

Patients who receive laser based treatments for moderate to severe acne scarring will often get faced with a period of recovery. The damaged regions of skin literally get broken down to the point of decay. The newly exposed layers of skin will often grow sensitive to the wind and other natural and chemical elements.

Patients will follow a set of guidelines to increase the chance of positive recovery with limited pain. The most severe cases tend to cause longer periods of recovery with more noticeable after effects, such as redness and swelling of the skin.

Pro: Effectiveness

Although recovery and cost tend to push many patients away from laser based treatment choices, the efficiency and effectiveness of these procedures sometimes cancels out the negative attributes. Patients often notice permanent and desirable results after only one treatment of the most advanced laser choices.

When the patient does not need multiple treatments, she will save both time and money. Some alternative treatment options, such as chemical peels and dermal fillers, take multiple treatments to provide patients with positive skin rejuvenation results. As an acne scar removal option, laser treatments stand second to none in efficiency and effectiveness based on realistic patient results.

Con: Availability

Not every doctor’s office or hospital contains a state of the art laser based skin rejuvenation station. Patients face less of a chance finding a laser based option in comparison with simple treatments such as chemical peels, dermal fillers, creams and lotions.

Pro: Product Development

As time goes by, product developers continue to increase both knowledge and innovation. These individuals serve as the people who bring safe, fast and affordable treatments to the patient. As of 2010, more new options continue to develop, and eventually, the cost of laser based treatments will decrease.

Con: Not Insured

Laser based treatments, like nearly all skin rejuvenation procedures, do not get covered by insurance agencies.

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