Factors That Can Make Acne Worse

Acne, also known as acne vulgaris, is a common skin condition manifested through comedones and follicular papules. Acne is mostly present in areas where there is an accumulation of sebaceous follicles. Acne is more common in adolescents, but may also affect adults. There are a few factors that can make acne worse, such as:

1. Stress

Stress is a factor that can lead to the worsening of acne. Studies have shown that patients with a less stressful life are less affected by acne.

2. Hormone Fluctuations

Hormones can be a cause of acne, and a fluctuation of hormones is definitely a factor that can worsen existing acne or cause an acne flare up. A pregnancy, the administration of hormones or birth control pills may all contribute to an unhealthy hormone fluctuation. Birth control pills may cause acne; however, certain birth control pills that have a male dominant may cure acne and the discontinuation of these pills may lead to an acne flare up.

3. Makeup

The use of makeup and certain cosmetic products may cause acne. There may be certain ingredients in the foundation that facilitate the occurrence of acne. There are also different types of skin foundations formulated for dry or oily skin, and the use of an unsuitable foundation may also cause acne. Certain night creams and lotions may cause acne. Avoid products that contain isopropyl myristate.

4. Hair Products

Due to the fact that the hair touches the forehead and the rest of the face, certain hair products may cause acne flare ups. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain isopropyl myristate or lauryl sulfate, ingredients which are likely to cause skin irritation and acne. You should also wash your hair frequently, depending on how oily it is; having oily hair that touches the face will result in acne.

5. Dietary Factors

Your diet can have a great impact on the skin’s health. Certain ingredients, such as sugar or cocoa, may lead to an acne flare up. Foods that are rich in iodine will result in iodine secreted by the skin pores and the occurrence of acne. Chips and salty foods contain a lot of iodine. Asparagus is the only vegetable that is rich in iodine.

6. Excessive Touching of Face

Touching your face and popping blemishes may result in acne flare up. The fingernails may hide a lot of bacteria underneath, which will contribute to the formation of acne. You should avoid squeezing comedones, as this will cause the acne to persist for a longer period of time. When squeezing a pimple, you only press the bacteria deeper into the skin pores and this will make the infection more serious; in addition you may also cause permanent scars.

7. Medication

Certain types of medication may cause acne flare ups. Some of these drugs include Lithium, Dilantin or corticosteroids.

8. Pore Clogging

Pore clogging can cause acne; the skin needs to breathe and when it is covered by clothes or headbands (especially those made of synthetic materials) for most of the day, this may result in acne formation or the worsening of current acne.

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