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I had a shave excision procedure performed on my mole, but now it is bleeding. What should I do?
(2 answers)
I had the shave excision procedure done on a mole 40 hours ago. I have been keeping it dressed with Vaseline. I noticed a little bit ago when I went to change the bandage that the bandage was a little stuck to it and now it is bleeding. What should I do?
Protecting against herpes scarring?
(1 answer)
Herpes Question: If you have a herpes outbreak that is in the later stages and healing and you want to protect against scarring, how would you do that? If you wanted to make sure that your skin did not scar after a herpes outbreak what would you do?
Why do I have warts on my hands?
(2 answers)
Warts on my hands, which are quite large..
Can Warts be treated with duct tape?
(4 answers)
I heard that plantar's warts on the bottom of feet can be treated by sticking duct tape over the wart. Is this an effective treatment?