Sun Spots

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Why do I have lite redness and lighter skin on my cheeks?
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I have a discoloration on my face, but only on my cheeks going up to my eye area, and usually gets red on my cheek bones. My face is tan but in that area it is a lighter tone. It is not itchy. Can it be from too much sun exposure? What could be the cause this/what caused this?
What to use/do to prevent white spots on legs?
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I spend a lot of time in the water I live on the lake and vaction @ the beach often. My love is water. I have noticed over the past few years white spots appeaing on my legs. What can I do to prevent spots besides good sun screen that I already use?
Are there any product to help remove Sun Spots?
(6 answers)
Is there a product that can be used on lips to reduce the brown spot on the bottom lip that is cause by sun damage.
What is the best treatment for Sun Spots?
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What can I do to get rid of these sun spots?
Are the brown blochy marks on my skin Sun Spots?
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How can I tell if the spots on my face are Sun Spots or something else?