Sun Damage

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What can I use to get rid of brown patches on both knees?
(3 answers)
I have brown patches on both knees, which came up when I was pregnant. What can I use to get rid of them?

When I was pregnant 3 yrs ago I developed brown dry patches on both knees and just under the knee. Have tried scrubs, skin lightening (Meladerm), Bio Oil, nothing seems to work, someone suggested Apha Hydroxy Acid Gel, any suggestions?
I am of indian origin, and have brown patches and spots only on one side of my face. Is there a specific term for this?
(4 answers)
I have consulted dermatologist who tells me it is genetic and common in asians. what are the types of treatment i could use?
What are specific products that you recommend that I could use at home to remove age/sun spots besides Obagi?
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I have sun damage that it really starting to show sun spots on my face. I was put on Obagi NuDerm, but don't like the side effects. Besides office procedures, are there any products you would recommend that could help me?
What are treatments for Sun Damaged African American skin?
(4 answers)
The skin on my decolletage and shoulders is darker than my normal skin tone due to sun damage. What treatments could help address this, and still be safe to use on darker skin tones?
What is the best treatment for Ssun Damage?
(5 answers)
My legs have become very dry, itchy and irritated and have random dark patches. Whats the best treatment?
What hours should I stay indoors to avoid Sun Damage?
(6 answers)
I've heard conflicting recommendations, anywhere from 9:30am to 4:00pm, depending on the time of year and geographic location. What is the 'official' time of day when the sun's rays are strongest?
Is there a specific order you should use skin care products?
(6 answers)
What is the proper order to apply sunblock (chemical or physical), serums, and moisturizer in the AM? Also, can I layer SPF products safely, i.e., block, moisturizer, sunblock stick for sensitive areas, tinted moisturizer?
Can your skin get Sun Damaged through the windshield?
(12 answers)
Is it possible to receive sun damage through a tinted car window? Should I be wearing gloves or other sun protection when I drive?