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First Aid Articles

  • Treating Cuts at Home in 5 Easy Steps
    We all get cuts and scrapes from time to time, so here are some basic steps to make sure you are decreasing the chance of infection and minimizing scarring...
  • Halloween and Your Skin
    With Halloween upon us, adults and children alike are planning costumes for parties, school events and trick or treating. For some adults, it is the one time of year that "the inner child" comes out to play. Costumes, make-up and funny shoes are all fun to put on but there are some things to consider so that your skin and your health are not affected. Here are some Halloween Skin Health Precautions...
  • Giving Burns the First, Second and Third Degree
    Burns are a major cause of preventable injury and death in Canada. In 1998, 300 Canadians died and 3 493 were hospitalized as a result of a burn injury. Males suffer from burns more often (60%) and three quarters of burn injuries occur in and around the home. There are many causes of burns ...

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