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Can rosacea turn into skin cancer?
(2 answers)
I have rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis, and was wondering if it can turn into skin cancer?
What is the best thing I could do in the short term to treat the burning of Rosacea on my faceR
(5 answers)
I have occasional problems with Rosacea and it primarily affects my cheeks on my face. I have been using cold water and cerave and putting hydrocortisone on it. it helps some, but does not completely manage it.
Could my skin condition be Rosacea?
(2 answers)
I am looking for a possible diagnosis for my poor facial skin. Ii have red cheeks, dry skin and the area also becomes oily.I have, in the past few years, begun to get spots on my back. My skin on my arms also become itchy.
Can your diet have an effect on Rosacea?
(9 answers)
Regarding diet and Rosacea are their any things to avoid?