What is recovery like after Fraxel?

What kind of downtime should I expect? Will I need to take time off of work?

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  • Will Fraxel help reduce hypopigmentation?
    (4 answers)
    I have a 4 year old small scrape on my forehead/hair line from a car accident that has healed completely but it's now hypopigmented(almost a tad pinkish). Will this work to bring back the pigment in my skin to blend in with the skin around it?
  • How well does Fraxel work on Acne Scars?
    (3 answers)
    I have acne scarring (No pitting), and I have been working with a Plastic Surgeon with Micro Dermabrasions, as well as the Obagi Program with Retin A. I want something more. What type of results can I expect with Fraxel?
  • I am 60 and am about to undergo Fraxel for facial rejuvenation
    (2 answers)
    My wrinkles are not too bad, but they are becoming more pronounced. I do have some roseacea, broken capillaries, sun damage and crows feet. What setting and what type of Fraxel should be used? Will one treatment be enough to get a good results?
  • Why have my pigmentation problems come back?
    (2 answers)
    I had a successful full face Fraxel to rid dark pigmentation and some minor old acne scars. My face scabbed over and I applied Cu3 cream for 10 days, after which time the skin shed the dark marks. However, five weeks later the dark pigmentation is back even worse! Why? Please help me! What can be done about this?
  • Are bumps and pimples normal after Fraxel?
    (2 answers)
    I underwent Fraxel three weeks ago and I noticed that my face purged with whiteheads and small acne all over my forehead (but not cystic). Is this normal? Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.
  • Can I workout post Fraxel treatment?
    (2 answers)
    I had my 1st fraxel to to help reduce hyperpigmentation. Is it ok to run indoors right away? Or should I wait so I don't get my face overheated? How long should I wait to run?
  • How many Fraxel treatments will I need?
    (1 answer)
    I was wondering how many treatments with the Fraxel laser will I need to cover at least 90% of the skin on my face if the density is set at 30% coverage each time. Thank you for your time
  • Do Fraxel results last long term?
    (1 answer)
    I been reading some reviews online and some people have said that the Fraxel results for acne scar treatments are not permanent. I thought the procedure promoted collagen production. Does the collagen production stop?
  • Can Fraxel tighten the sun damaged skin above my knees?
    (1 answer)
    I have sun damaged skin above my knees. They are also a little saggy and have an ugly appearance. I've tried cellulize & fillers but I would like the skin tightened so that I feel comfortable wearing shorts. I am healthy & work out regularly! I cant do this with exercise. Is Fraxel the best treatment for loose/sun damaged skin above the knees?
  • Can Fraxel treat loose neck skin?
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    I have loose skin on my neck that I would like to have tightened. Is Fraxel a good choice for this, or is another treatment more highly recommended?
  • Is V-beam Laser the same as Fraxel?
    (1 answer)
    For an after-surgery scar, is the v-beam laser as effective at reducing the scar as the Fraxel re-store procedure? Are they essentially the same?
  • Could Fraxel have caused orbital fat loss?
    (1 answer)
    Last year I had two pixel (Fraxel) laser treatments, then six LED light sessions on my face about two months after. A few weeks later my eye area started to deteriorate and it keeps getting worse. I look so much older nowwhat could have caused it?
  • What is the difference between fraxel and revlite?
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    I am about to go and see my skin specialist. I've been reading so much about lasers and would like to know the difference between fraxel and revlite lasers, and how they treat ageing skin?
  • What is the best acne scar treatment?
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    I have a few acne scars and some hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Tell me which you think is better for these items....laser resurfacing or the fraxel and what is the difference between them.