Can Dermabrasion reduce the appearance of sun damaged skin?

Will Dermabrasion help my sun damaged skin?

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    I had a dermabrasion treatment that left dark markings on my cheeks. How can I correct it and get my skin back to normal?
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    I've had a big, dark brown circle on my legs ever since I was child. It resulted from being fat during my childhood. My legs used to hit each other, even near my private spot. I'm very shy about wearing short skirts. My family doctor said to use bleach. Would dermabrasion or some other treatment remove the spots on my legs? What is the best procedure/treatment for this issue?
  • Can I have microdermabrasion after an at-home glycolic peel?
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    My appointment for microdermabrasion is tomorrow. Two days ago I put a bit of 30% glycolic acid on my face. I didn't put the product all over, just on my nose and cheeks. I only left it on for two minutes. Now, my skin is just a little flaky. Should I wait to have the microdermabrasion done? Or, is it fine to have the treatment following a peel?
  • Can a fungal infection be caused by microdermabrasion?
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    I had microdermabrasion done 4 months ago, and a patch developed shortly after. When I went this month, a specialist told me it's a fungal infection and recommended I use Sebifin, as well as Melaglow. But I don't have any irritation in that region. The area is dark red at times and light red at other times. Do I really have a fungal infection? How can this happen right after microdermabrasion? Please suggest a remedy.
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    I had lipo a few years back. I have 4 scars midway up my back that are large, dimpled and are very noticeable. Also I have deep ance scars in the middle of my chest. Is there something that can be done to help these issues I have?
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    I recently underwent dermabrasion and my skin has flaked off revealing a slightly pinkish appearance. But to my dismay, I started seeing a darkening shadow on certain parts of the face. Please tell me is this normal? What can I do to prevent and treat
  • Mild acne leaving dark spots, not scars.
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    I have mild acne that leaves ugly little dark spots all over and was wondering if a peel or if microdermabrasion would be best or both? or any other suggestions? I really hate to go in public even with make up on.