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Is Revlite an appropriate treatment for dark Underarms?
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I have heard that in some Asian countries they use Revlite/Picosure to lighten dark underarms. Is this true? Is Revlite/Picosure an appropriate treatment for dark underarms?
What is the best remedy to treat melasma or pigmentation on the face?
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What is the best remedy to treat melasma, acne and pigmentation problems on the face? I've been struggling with these issues for many years and do a lot of procedures, but still the problems have not been resolved. Can you advise me on the best treatment? I'm desperate to get rid of it.
Can you get microdermabrasion if you have lupus?
(1 answer)
Is microdermabrasion safe to use on a lupus client? Is there a particular ingredient I should stay from while doing a facial on a client with lupus?
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Can an at-home microdermabrasion kit be used around my mouth area?
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Can microdermabrasion remove fungus (red spots) on and around the sex organ?
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What can I use to erase my acne scar?
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I've had an acne scar for 15 years. What medication can I use to remove/erase the scar on my face? Because it's embarrassing to me personally.
Is Microdermabrasion the fastest treatment for facial scarring?
(4 answers)
What s the best and fastest treatment to treat facial scars with less down time.
How can I get rid of a herpes scar on my face?
(3 answers)
I had oral herpes on my lower left chin about 8 months ago. It has healed but left a whiteish scar. How can I remove it?