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Can you get microdermabrasion if you have lupus?
(1 answer)
Is microdermabrasion safe to use on a lupus client? Is there a particular ingredient I should stay from while doing a facial on a client with lupus?
(1 answer)
Can an at-home microdermabrasion kit be used around my mouth area?
(1 answer)
Can microdermabrasion remove fungus (red spots) on and around the sex organ?
(1 answer)
What can I use to erase my acne scar?
(1 answer)
I've had an acne scar for 15 years. What medication can I use to remove/erase the scar on my face? Because it's embarrassing to me personally.
Is Microdermabrasion the fastest treatment for facial scarring?
(4 answers)
What s the best and fastest treatment to treat facial scars with less down time.
How can I get rid of a herpes scar on my face?
(3 answers)
I had oral herpes on my lower left chin about 8 months ago. It has healed but left a whiteish scar. How can I remove it?