Laser Resurfacing

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Is laser resurfacing or surgery best for my acne-prone skin?
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I'm 25 years old and have been dealing with acne for the past 10 years. Not only do I have big bumps on my nose, but my cheeks and nose are full of holes. Is laser resurfacing or surgery best? My goal is to rid the bumps and holes so that my skin looks smooth and more normal. Please help!
Is laser resurfacing the best procedure for removing holes/scars left behind by chickenpox? If not, what do you suggest and what is the average cost?
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I have old acne scarring. Is there a treatment to remove these scars?
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Is there any gel or cream treatment for vitiligo?
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What's the best way to get rid of a persistent plantar wart?
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I have a very persistent plantar wart on the bottom of my foot/ heel. It has been treated various ways - burning, acid and cutting. I also had surgery, whereby they cut it off and burned the area to seal it. However, that did not work either. Now, the wart has returned larger and is spreading. What's the best way to get rid of this nagging wart?
I had a birthmark removed last year and it came back. Would laser work better?
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I had a birthmark removed last year and came back. Would a laser work better to remove the same birthmark?
Dark spots on my hands underneath the surface
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I have dark spots on my palsms and I think it's beneath the surface, I have tried several topical ointments and nothing seems to work. Any ideas what they are and what I can do about them?
What is the best keloid scar removal treatment?
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About 2 years ago I got a cut on my neck and once it healed it became a Keloid scar, I went to see a dermatologist and he did a small surgery by removing it and applying stitches on it, months later almost a year the keloid came back and this time it's bigger
Do lasers work on old eczema scars?
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Hi there, do lasers work on old eczema scars? I reallly want to get rid of them as it will ruin my summer
Is there any treatment for pits caused by pimples?
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I had pimples on my face. Now that has left pits on my face. Is there a treatment to get rid of the pits caused by the pimples?

I have dark spots on my face around my cheeks and nose. What are some possible treatments?
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I have dark spots on my face around cheeks and nose. Can you please suggest me some some good treatments?
How often can you have a Facial and what is the best kind for overal skin health?
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I just got a facial, my last one was over 6 years ago. Should there be a regularity to how often I get a facial? Also, what kind of facial is best for overall skin health?
Will Laser Resurfacing work on diminishing the appearance of facial veins?
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For asian sensitive skin w/subtle veins. I am looking for the bright porcelain look. Nothing strong that's going to make my skin more sensitive. What is the best Laser Resurfacing procedure?