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Is it safe to have the RevLite procedure on areas where Aquamid fillers have been injected?
(1 answer)
Two years ago I had 1ml of Aquamid filler injected into my chin. I've also had other treatments like Gemini and LED. In none of these cases have I had problems. Now, I'd like a RevLite treatment. Is the procedure safe to use over areas where I've had fillers and other treatments?
Can you be on hydroquinone and recieve laser treatments?
(3 answers)
Can you recieve laser treatments while using hydroquinone?
What exactly is a filler? Is it an injection?
(5 answers)
What exactly is a filler? Is it an injection?
How do you treat face fungus?
(1 answer)
How do you treat face fungus? How long does it last?
Can FotoFacial/IPL Treatments get rid of spider veins?
(10 answers)
I have spider veins on my cheeks and the backs of my hands. The thought of sclerotherapy on my face scares me, but I heard IPL can treat spider veins too. Is this true? How does it remove the veins?