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Patient Testimonials
As a personal trainer, I feel it's important to exude health and vitality. My skin has always prevented me from feeling 100% confident with new clients. For years (since high school) I have battled active acne, large pores and acne scars. Due to collagen loss, the scars have become worse as I've entered my forties....and despite the fact that I have to meet clients often before 6 AM ---I've been forced to spend an excessive amount of time trying to conceal spots, acne, sun damage and facial sagging. I always felt like I had a mask of makeup on...and friends would often comment that I should consider wearing less. They had never seen me without makeup though---as in the "before" pictures.

Since the 1540 (Laser Skin Resurfacing) treatments at Renew MediSpa, I have had a complete turnaround. Someone actually touched my face a few days ago and remarked how healthy I looked. And they didn't end up with foundation all over their hands! I am able to leave the house without skin is much smoother, more even colored...and feels and looks tighter and more youthful. It has made a huge difference in how I feel looking in the mirror. It was definitely worth every penny.

-Sheilah S

I had a very dark scar on my nose from a skin graft i needed due to skin cancer removal. It seemed to be getting darker and darker in stead of lighter. i went to see dr hatzos and she assured me that she could improve the appearance of the scar. she not only improved it...she made it disappear in two painless, 3 minute appointments. I've had other procedures with dr. Hatzos and i knew how wonderful her work was, but the results i got blew me away. she is truly great at what she does. i have sent many friends to her and they have been equally as impressed. thank you so much!


Procedure/Service - 1540
Dr. Hatzos thanks for everything! The 1540 treatments improved my deep lines and smoothed the scars on my cheeks and the lines around my lips.

Carol T.

Procedure/Service - 1540
With only one treatment I noticed my acne scarring had smoothed already. The 1540 is a little uncomfortable during and after but well worth it! I will definitely be back for more treatments!

Procedure/Service - Transitions Weight Management
"Awesome program. Group is a nice size. Educational information exceeded my expectations." Thomas and Lisa are phenomenal! The service they provide is above and beyond anything you see today.

I think this is a great Educational tool for anyone- not only people who are trying to lose weight but for anyone who wants to improve their health.

It's by far the most educational program. I'd like to do it all over again.

Procedure/Service - Transitions Weight Management
Dear Dr. Hatzos and Thomas,

"Thanks so much for helping me with the individual boot camp. Thomas -you have been so patient and knowledgeable. it is hard work but you are making it doable for me and i am pumped and psyched!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to meet and work with both of you."

Procedure/Service - Laser Hair Removal
The chin hair fell out after a week and has not grown back! So worth doing!

I love the results! Everything that you said would happen did. The results were really great. Overall the services offered are great. There are a lot of options and your specials make the services available to lots of people. I will continue to refer anyone that will listen to my results stories. I have also had 2 photofacials and am pleased with what I see. Thanks for being so great!

Treatments were virtually painless. Best prices in New Hampshire. Dr. Hatzos is great!

Procedure/Service - Photofacial
Love Dr. Hatzos!! Extremely professional and personable. The Spa is a gorgeous atmosphere.

Candice I.

It gave a more even tone to my skin and a more youthful appearance to my face

Ellen D.

The photofacial evened out my skin tone and reduced the redness from acne scars. It also cleared the capillaries around my nose and under my eyes.


My skin is so much clearer. Spider veins are almost gone and I no longer have the dark moles and freckles. I was comfortable and relaxed (during the procedure). Dr. Hatzos explains everything clearly. I can?t wait to come back for more treatments!

Victoria H.

For anyone who has hid behind melasma and spent hundreds on prescription creams, this process is fantastic and the results are unbelievable. Just a couple of half hour treatments vs. months of topical creams and the results are awesome!

Debbie A.
Procedure/Service - Multiple Procedures

My face came out fabulous today. I was a bit nervous going through the process but quite frankly it was really painless. What I like most is that my face has a more "relaxed look" but not real dramatic ( to other people) but I notice a significant difference. I'm so happy with the results. I do have a few things I'd like to do :) - and hope you can guide me. thanks again!

One happy client....L. R.

Great improvement in volume loss (lines and sagging). I was quite comfortable during the procedure. I was prepared for pain but was only slightly uncomfortable. My daughter said I look 5 years younger!

Laura E.

Very comfortable procedure. Slight pinching at first. Dr. Hatzos is excellent and very particular. She does a wonderful job. I highly recommend it- the procedure takes 20 years off your face. I feel great and I am hooked!

Pam S.

A definite lift in my cheeks and fewer lines over my top lip. I was very comfortable and relaxed (during the procedure).

Victoria H.

I had Radiesse in my cheeks and nasolabial folds. It was so subtle that no one could tell but everyone said how smooth my skin looked. I LOVE my Radiesse. It was essentially pain free and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a ?lift? without going ?under the knife?.


Doctor Hatzos was recommended by a trusted professional/friend of mine. I went to see her to improve the look of my skin. I started with Laser Skin Resurfacing, and ended up getting Radiesse Dermal Filler, Botox, and few other procedures that I do not need to advertise to the world what I had done to my face! However, what I really want to advertise to all of the women out there is this: whether you need a procedure done for medical or cosmetic reasons, or just because you want to feel great about yourself, Dr. Hatzos is the doctor to see because she will treat you as she would treat herself. There are no higher standards than that ladies. In the numerous visits I made to her beautiful office, not even once did she push a product or advocate that I do anything other than what I had in mind. Unlike other doctors in this field, for her, it is not about making money; it is ALWAYS about you and how you will feel. Simply put, she is genuinely a professional person who has a combination of the best: beauty on the inside and out, confidence without arrogance, and she cares about her patients. You go Dr. Hatzos! I will be visiting you for life and bringing all the other beautiful women for touch ups from an artist who will be rich for life because of the great person she is. Ladies, if you want a relationship that makes you feel and look great instead of age you and stress you, 127 Rockingham Road in Windham New Hamphire is the place to go and Doctor Hatzos is the doctor to see :~)

J. Youssef

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how wonderful my facial injections have turned out to be! First I want to say that the injections themselves were practically painless in such delicate areas such as the nasal labial fold. The care that you took to ensure that I was so comfortable was greatly appreciated and kept me at ease during the process. Something that I have bragged about to my friends and colleagues!

Hi Lisa,

Having the Obagi Blue Peel was one of the best things I have ever done. Dr. Hatzos made the procedure completely comforting with her soothing voice and her caring demeanor. I went to my 20 year class reunion this past summer and I\'m still getting compliments! I cant tell you how many people have told me that I look younger at my 20 year reunion than I did at my 10 year reunion!!! THANK GOD FOR DR HATZOS! I trust everything she does!


Hi Lisa,

As a result of the injections my cheeks have a more defined shape and the nasal labial fold is full which gives me a more youthful appearance as I had hoped! I was swollen for the first two days, and all swelling was gone after one week. I didn?t get one bruise which I know is the result of your wonderful and excise injection technique. Overall, I could not be happier and have been spreading the word on the service that you offer. Now I want my lips done! And what else can we do??? I am hooked!

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience and ensuring such wonderful results.

Procedure/Service - Lip Enhancement
Thanks so much for my bodacious lips!

Ellen W
Procedure/Service - Botox
You?ll be doing my injections till the day I die!


My worry lines disappeared. It was a breeze.

Ellen D.

"I have to tell you, I LOVE how my face looks! The Botox, the Photofacial...I'm just so happy with my results and I love the makeup! I used to use Bare Minerals, but once I used the Iredale sample you gave me- WOW, what a difference!! How soon can I have another photofacial?! ---

Michelle R.


"OMG! Love what you did w/ 1 vial . !

Thank You.. I really am happy with the way it came out.

Procedure/Service - Microdermabrasion
The microdermabrasion cleared my acne and blackheads. My skin was completely cleared up within days.


My face has always been very dry and flakey. After the treatment my face was smooth and had a beautiful healthy glow again-thanks!

Danielle A.

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the way my skin is looking....the microderm has taken years off of my smooth and now I have my youthful glow back!!! thanks and looking forward my appointment for the peel.....thanks again


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