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Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is one of the most effective ways to combat skin aging. Chemical peels are one of the most frequently performed aesthetic procedures in North America. Its popularity continues to grow because of the versatility of conditions where chemical peels are of significant benefit. In addition to the topical preparations such as over-the-counter and prescription creams, chemical peels are one of the earliest forms of treatment adopted by many patients. At the same time, there is much confusion and misunderstanding surrounding chemical peels that prevents more of us from enjoying their undeniable benefits. Let's go through the important facts about chemical peels and their uses in modern skin care regiments.

Categories of Chemical Peels:

Superficial chemical peels
Broadly speaking, chemical peels can be divided into several categories based on the depth of penetration in the skin. Superficial chemical peels create an injury to the epidermis - the outermost layer of the skin. As such...

Medium depth chemical peels
Medium depth chemical peels create an injury that extends through the epidermis and affecting the superficial portion of the dermis (upper reticular dermis). This category of peels includes higher concentration of TCA peels...

Deep depth chemical peels
Deep chemical peels create an injury that extends though the epidermis to the mid portion of the dermis (mid reticular dermis). This category of peels includes 88% phenol under occlusion as well as Baker-Gordon formula. In trained hands, these peels are very effective for...

Chemical Peels and Aesthetic Procedures:

Chemical peels are also an excellent addition to other aesthetic procedures. They can be used with the ongoing home personal treatment with lower concentration glycolic acid or vitamin A acid derivatives. Furthermore, they are an excellent addition to facial procedures such as... Read more.