Chemical Peels

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Which chemical peel is best for removing dark spots caused by acne?
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I have black marks on my face from acne. I would like to have them removed, possibly with acid or chemical peels. Should I decide to go this route, which chemical peel or acid is best for removing dark spots caused by acne?
Will chemical peels work on skin tags?
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I have neurofibromtosis and wanted to know if I use a chemical peel whether it will work on the skin tags.
I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, can the Q Switch ND YAG laser help?
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I have skin type 4 (Indian Skin) and have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by a 25% glycolic acid peel that was left on my face for 4 minutes. Can the Q Switch ND Yag laser remove it ? Can it completely remove it or will it just lighten it?
Can I use peeling oil on my knees if I'm breastfeeding?
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I have scars on my knees and it's so dark. I want to use the peeling oil from Funky Mommy but I'm nursing. Is it safe to use this product?
Can a medium chemical peel get rid of freckles?
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I have had IPL laser treatment to remove freckles, but the procedure was a disaster. Instead of removing the freckles, I've ended up with more than what I began with. I am now considering a chemical peel. Would the Obagi blue peel work?
How do I get rid of the dark spots that appeared after applying an at-home TCA peel?
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Six months ago I applied a 20% TCA peel at home, which caused slight discoloration of the skin around the mouth. Is there a way to get rid of those dark spots?
I have developed a black spot on my face, what can I do now?
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After trying Himalaya neem face wash on my pimples, I developed a black mark. What should I do now?
Is it OK to take a break between chemical peel treatments? Will it affect the results?
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I recently had my first chemical peel. I started with only 2 minutes and increased by 1 minute weekly, working my way up to 8 minutes. Fortunately, I had no problems just nice results. Per the recommendation of my dermatologist, I've suspended use of the peel for the summer months because I love the outdoors and may get too much sun exposure. I'll resume using the peel in the fall. Will this break affect my results?
How do I treat red skin and spots on my face?
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I'm 30 years old and my skni is very sensitive on my legs, chest, and face. How should I go about traing the spots and my skin?
12 Years of Melasma
(4 answers)
A friend of mine of Korean descent has been suffering for over 12 years with melasma and it is crushing her self-esteem. I would like to know the BEST treatments available?
how to get rid of dark inner thighs and external genitilia?
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Dark inner thighs and external genitilia are making me feel depressed..
I need/am looking for a solution for this..
can you please help me??
Are Chemical Peels or Microdermabrasion the best treatment for hyperpigmentation?
(4 answers)
What's the best way to treat hyperpigmentation Chemical Peels or a Microdermabrasion?
What is the strongest but safest chemical peel for African American Skin?
(3 answers)
I learned in school that not all peels can be used on ethnic skin due to a burning effect that would happen. So what is the strongest chemical peel that can be done on African American skin without causing harm?
What kind of Chemical Peels are best for very fair skin?
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I have very fair skin with freckles, and would like to get a chemical peel to lighten the freckles and even out my skin. What particular peel or chemicals should I look for?
How long will I have to avoid makeup after a Chemical Peel?
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When can I wear makeup again?