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Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage is a useful cosmetic for covering skin defects. A concealing cream may be applied to the skin prior to a foundation, the foundation in this case should either be sheer or opaque. Loose powder can then be used on top to set the foundation.


    Hyperflage® from Dormer Laboratories Ltd.
    CoverMark Face Magic®

Steps To Applying Camouflage:

  1. Cleanse the skin.

  2. Apply Hyperflage® sparingly to the lesion or area to be hidden - Note: Different colored creams may be required depending on the color of the defect to be concealed.

  3. Let cream dry for a few minutes.

  4. Foundation should be applied with a dry wedge sponge.

Sheer foundation needs two applications for moderate coverage, opaque foundation covers moderately on the first coat. Additional applications may be used, let it dry for a few minutes. Multiple thin layers may be used for maximum coverage, and loose powder may be applied with a cosmetic foam disc. After drying, excess powder may be removed by a complexion brush.

Colors Of Creams:

There are a number of different skin colors that can be concealed.

Green cream:
Masks skin redness from rosacea, burns, telangiectasias, as well as post-operative redness of the skin.

Yellow cream:
Masks purple and blue bruises, hyper-pigmentation, and white scars.

Mauve cream:
Covers black/blue and brown bruises, hyper-pigmentation, and dark circles under eyes.

Lavender cream:
Conceals yellowish bruises, hyper-pigmentation, and dark circles under the eyes of darker skin types.

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