Cost and Financing of Spider Veins Treatments

Spider veins, also medically known as venulectasias or telangiectasia, are similar to varicose veins but are smaller. They are usually blue, red or purple veins that appear near the surface of the skin generally on the face, thighs, ankles or calves. Spider veins are more likely to affect women, though they can also occur in men. Spider veins may be a cosmetic problem. Not everyone needs treatment, especially if they do not cause any pain or other physical symptoms.

Average Cost of Spider Vein Treatments

The two common options for spider vein treatment are sclerotherapy and laser treatment. The cost of laser treatment is generally higher in comparison to sclerotherapy. The cost of spider vein removal depends on the type and extent of your problem and the number of treatment procedures necessary. On an average, the cost would be roughly $350 depending on quite a few factors including the physician’s and facility fees. Sclerotherapy can cost just about $150-$400 for each session. Laser treatment can cost $300-$500 for every session. During an initial evaluation, your physician can provide an estimate of the cost.

Insurance Coverage

Generally, insurance companies typically do not cover the costs for spider vein treatments as it is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons. If the patients and doctors exemplify that the procedure is medically essential, the treatment may be covered by insurance.

Financing Options

If the cost of sclerotherapy or laser therapy is difficult for you, find out from your physician about payment plans and medical finance options. Many physicians and clinics extend affordable patient financing options.

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