Symptoms of sun damaged skin may range from fine lines and wrinkles to skin cancer. Treatment will depend on which symptoms are present and may range from very inexpensive over-the-counter products to moderately priced cosmetic treatments to very expensive skin cancer treatments.

Treating Sunburn

Sunburn is classified as a first degree burn in most cases, although some may experience second degree burns in which blisters are present. Most patients with first degree sunburns do not seek medical help and rely on over-the-counter products for relief. Aloes, creams and other products are commonly used to relieve the discomfort and other symptoms associated with sunburn.

Cosmetic Blemishes

At a younger age, most do not consider the lasting effects that sun exposure may have on their skin. Many people, however, experience the long term of sun damage in the form of various cosmetic blemishes from fine lines and wrinkles to age spots.

Dermal fillers may be used to provide relief from fine lines and wrinkles, while laser resurfacing and intense pulsed light treatments may help patients overcome age spots or skin discoloration. Chemical peels and certain bleaching creams may be used as well.

Skin Cancer

Treatment for skin cancer may also vary depending on what stage the cancer is in. Early stages may require only surgery and medication, while later stages may require radiation, chemotherapy or other treatments.

Patients who have skin cancer or who notice new growths, changes in existing growths or sores that do not heal are encouraged to speak with a qualified physician immediately. Early treatment is often one of the keys to the successful treatment of skin cancer.

The price of treatment may vary from one clinic to the next. Interested patients should speak directly with a skincare professional to determine prices.