Sun Damage Articles

  • Sun Damage in Children
    Sun damage may occur in children and adults alike, due to repeated exposure to UV rays. The UV rays may have damaging effects on the skin, and in chi...Continue Reading
  • What is Sun Damage?
    Overexposure to the sun's harmful rays may lead to sun damaged skin in some patients. There are several possible symptoms of sun damage spanning from ...Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Sun Damage
    Many people experience some degree of sun damage over the course of their life. Individuals who spend (or spent) a lot of time outdoors in the sun wit...Continue Reading
  • Sun Damage Prevention
    Sun damage is caused by the sun's harmful rays. Sun exposure during the teen or young adult years may have negative effects on skin health and appeara...Continue Reading
  • Causes of Sun Damage
    Sun damage to the skin is a problem affecting many people. Effects of sun damage may include sun spots, sunburn, freckling and other symptoms. Skin ca...Continue Reading