What is a Mosaic Wart?

Warts are small, typically benign tumors that may be found on hands and feet, but may also be located in different areas of the body. The warts are caused by the presence of a papilloma virus and there are over 130 types of viruses discovered so far. The warts can be of several types. Mosaic warts are benign, clustered warts.

Mosaic Warts

Mosaic warts are found in clusters and are typically located on the feet, soles of feet or hands. They may have the appearance of other types of tumors, however, the warts grow in clusters and this is a distinctive sign of mosaic warts. The warts should be diagnosed by a dermatologist. A skin scraping may be needed for analysis and to make sure that the skin tissues that make up the warts don’t contain malignant cells.

Treatment for Mosaic Warts

The mosaic warts are caused by a papilloma virus and the tumors are not malignant, so the clusters of warts can be surgically removed or treated with topical creams. The warts may also be frozen off the skin through cryosurgery. However, the warts may disappear without treatment as well, as soon as the body develops the antibodies to fight off the viral infection caused by the papilloma.

The occurrence of mosaic warts can be prevented with the administration of a vaccine that prevents the occurrence of several types of papilloma virus in the body. The mosaic warts may be contagious, but they won’t typically affect other humans.

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