What are Common Warts?

Common warts are just skin growths that appear on the body. They are not inherently cancerous but rather a manifestation of the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. Common warts are not dangerous and usually go away on their own, but some may be persistent and require treatment.

Causes of Warts

Warts are generally contagious. They can be passed from person to person through the HPV or even through shared surfaces. Children and those with a compromised immune system, for instance, those who are in rehabilitation from other conditions, can be at increased risk for contracting warts. Warts usually show up on the hands but they can also effect other body areas as well, where some other kinds of warts are classified according to where they show up on the body.

Treatment of Common Warts

When warts do need to be professionally treated, doctors may use salicylic acid or other topical solutions on them. Alternately, warts may be removed through cryotherapy where they are frozen off with nitrogen type chemicals. There are also various home remedies, including the use of duct tape, that have been effective for removing some kinds of warts.

If you have troublesome warts that will not go, ask your family doctor about what you can do to remove these warts. Ask about the risks and benefits of every kind of treatment, and also about some commonsense prevention tips to avoid spreading warts to other areas of the body. With good care and determination, you should be able to finally get rid of these annoying skin conditions.

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