Wart Removal: Keratolysis

Wart Removal may not be necessary, as warts are benign skin growths, but the removal may be preferred to get a more aesthetic appearance, especially when the warts are present on visible areas such as the hands or the facial area. Keratolysis may be effective in removing the warts by peeling the affected skin.

Keratolysis for Warts

Keratolysis is a procedure that employs a peeling cream that will remove the warts. The composition of the cream will vary, according to the type of warts that are present. Most creams will contain salicylic acid. The treatment will act on the immune system as well, which will activate and fight off the virus that initially causes the occurrence of warts. The cream must be applied on a daily basis and typically several months of treatment will be required to get rid of all warts.

The keratolytic treatment may have some minor side effects such as swelling and irritation in the treated areas. Bleeding may also occur, but it is a less frequent side effect. Typically, after a keratolytic treatment, the warts won't return, but there are cases when the body doesn't fight off the virus causing the warts. In this case, the warts will be recurrent.

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