Tips for Choosing a Melasma Specialist

Pregnant women are most affected by melasma, a condition characterized by the darkened pigmentation on the skin. Women taking birth control pills may also be affected, while men may experience melasma as well. The condition usually goes away on its own, but for some, it may persist long after giving birth or ceasing the use of birth control pills. Talk to a skincare professional for more information about melasma and how to treat the condition.

Deciding on a Skincare Professional

Before you seek consultation with a skincare professional, however, take some time to choose one that you feel comfortable communicating with. Do not choose a specialist simply because they are conveniently located or because they treated somebody you know. Even though melasma is not a serious condition, if you do not feel comfortable with a specialist and cannot effectively communicate, it may be wise to seek treatment or advice elsewhere. Remember that some patients may require several treatment sessions before reaching optimal results, so you may end up seeing the specialist on several occasions. Do not be afraid to ask questions about your treatment options and even consider asking for references or before and after photographs. Make sure that the specialist is licensed and certified to provide treatment. Refer to your state's Medical Licensing Board for more information about qualifications, licensing and certifications. Never receive treatment from an unlicensed individual, as this is dangerous and may lead to complications. Dermatologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, estheticians, medical spa technicians and other skincare professionals may provide treatment.

Ask Around

While you should not rely solely on recommendations from others, this is a good way to start. If you know a friend or family member has had success with a specialist and had good things to say about him or her, it may be worth it to give them a shot.


The clinic from which you receive treatment should be properly maintained and should be clean and hygienic. If you notice safety hazards or health hazards, seek treatment elsewhere. If you will be undergoing a procedure such as a chemical peel or laser resurfacing, inquire about pricing beforehand. Prices may vary from one clinic to the next. Ask about financing if you are interested in this option as well. Many clinics offer financing plans to help patients pay for treatments.

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