Preparing for Your Melanoma Appointment

Whether or not to treat freckles is a personal decision. While some consider freckles attractive or are not bothered by them, others find them embarrassing or consider them a cosmetic blemish. For those who decide to seek treatment, preparing for the appointment with a skincare professional is important in learning as much as possible.

Patients who notice that their freckles grow or change should contact a physician, as changes to existing skin growth may be a sign of skin cancer. Fair skinned individuals who are prone to freckling should take the proper precautions to avoid excessive sun exposure, as fair skinned individuals may also be at greater risk of skin cancer. If you have trouble determining if a skin growth is a freckle or melanoma, seek medical advice immediately.

What to Expect

The skincare professional may ask a few questions about family history, as freckles often run in families. They may also ask about sun exposure and whether you have experienced certain signs of photoaging such as sun spots or wrinkles. Keep in mind that excessive sun exposure may lead to freckles as well as skin cancer. While freckles are not considered a sign of skin cancer, excessive sun exposure may trigger physicians to screen for skin cancer, especially if other signs of sun damage are present.

Ask Questions

If your freckles change in size or appearance, tell your doctor. Ask if it may be a sign of skin cancer and if you should be screened. Some may choose to do so as a precaution for patients who notice changes to existing skin growths.

Make sure that you write down a few questions before the appointment. General questions are great for understanding what causes freckles and what treatments are available, but more specific questions about your particular case may be even more informative.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. An appointment with a qualified skincare professional is a great opportunity to learn more about freckles and explore treatment options. Ask the skincare professional which treatments are available and which he or she recommends. And then ask if there are any alternatives to their recommended treatments.

It may also be helpful to learn as much as possible about freckles beforehand so that patients may ask more specific questions. Be sure that you choose a skincare professional you feel comfortable asking questions.

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