Cosmetics and Their Ingredients: Know the Facts

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Cosmetics and Their Ingredients?

Cosmetics play many roles as they are more than just blush and mascara. They can protect you from the sun, change or protect your appearance. Cosmetics like perfumes and deodorants are part of your everyday life. Learn more on including tips and facts about your skin and your skin health.

Cosmetic or Cosmeceutical?

Skin products are either classified as drugs or cosmetics. A drug can alter the function and structures of the skin while a cosmetic just changes the appearance. The term cosmeceutical describes products that use ingredients that have some biological effect on the skin but are not classified as drugs. It means that these products cannot make claims about improving the skin function only that they improve the appearance.

Natural doesn't mean non-allergic

Just because a product contains natural ingredients, doesn't mean that it won't be potentially irritating. Products with rosemary, tea tree oil, lavender and chamomile can provoke an allergic reaction. Before using any new product, it's wise to apply a very small amount first to make sure that it's safe for your skin.

Caution when buying cosmetics

Sample the makeup - not the germs! If you're trying out makeup samples at the cosmetics counter, be sure to use a disposable applicator to decrease the risk of contamination. For the same reason, you should never share your friends' makeup either.

Is a natural ingredient really natural?

The botanical or plant sounding components that are in products labeled 'natural' are usually synthesized in a laboratory rather that extracted from plants. These natural ingredients may still cause allergic reactions.

Does perfume-free always mean no perfume?

Perfume free products can sometimes have perfumes in them to block the chemical smell of a cosmetic but they are labeled as preservatives. The only topical preparation that does not need a preservative is pure petroleum jelly.

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