How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts are small fibers of collagen/elastin that have been torn apart due to reasons such as sudden weight loss. Collagen/elastin fibers are present within the skin and render it a tight, stretched appearance. However, when they expand or contract beyond the norm, they get ripped. The rupturing of the fibers is at a microscopic level and cannot be decoded by visual examination.

However, the stretch marks are clearly visible as thin lines or whitish streaks upon the breast. Their color is remarkably different from that of the skin, making them more discernible. Stretch marks are referred to by various names in medical terminology. Some common names referring to stretch marks include:

  • striae gravidarum
  • striae cutis distensae
  • lineae atrophicae
  • striae distensae
  • striae atrophicae

The following are ways to get rid of stretch marks on breasts:

Natural Methods: Massaging, Hydrating and Exfoliating

The intensity of breast stretch marks and their overall intensity can be largely neutralized by developing a daily regimen of hydrating and massaging the breast tissue. Please note that properly moisturized skin is bound to make the stretch marks lighter in appearance. Further, massaging with certain oils helps to ensure that the skin’s rejuvenation process is sustained over a long time and thus, the stretch marks are gradually erased.

Among oils recommended for daily massaging, all bodily oils that contain a heavy concentration of vitamin E are useful. In fact, basic massaging oils can be combined with the extract of some vitamin E capsules to prepare a nourishing massaging medium for the breast tissue. Similarly, creams that contain panthenol, hydrolysates or natural components like hyaluronic acid are recommended.

Many people support the idea of massaging cocoa butter directly upon the stretch marks before going to bed. This is because cocoa is a natural healing agent, while the lipids in the butter help to moisturize the skin, overnight. It is vital to ensure that the skin is well hydrated at all times. For this purpose, drinking large amounts of water throughout the day is necessary. This helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent the stretch marks from further enlarging.

The scar tissue along stretch marks can be cured to a large extent by slowly scraping-off the top layer of dead skin cells that have impacted upon the skin’s surface. An easy way of doing this is using a natural abrasive agent, like an exfoliation cream, when bathing.

Over-the-Counter Creams

Many creams are available that contain potent compounds like steroidal agents that are specifically aimed at eradicating stretch marks on breasts. Most steroidal creams contain some derivation of hydrocortisone that is a proven skin healing agent and is used in many kinds of cosmetic products. Similarly, some creams include active agents like Retinol that is also used for treating signs of aging on the facial skin. These products should be used under medical guidance since their application isn't ideal in certain medical conditions.

Laser Treatment

One of the most effective and permanent ways to get rid of stretch marks on breasts is to undergo a laser treatment. This treatment is aimed at heating the internal layers of the skin using controlled laser beams. Laser-induced heat is able to stimulate the process of skin rejuvenation and tissue formation wherein the synthesis of collagen and elastin is catalyzed. The new fibers of collagen/elastin have a tightening effect on the skin that helps to control the aggressively-spreading stretch marks. Once the skin’s rejuvenation process is stimulated, the damaged blood vessels are repaired and proper circulation of blood is restored. This ensures that scar tissue along the stretch marks is slowly dissolved and replaced by new breast tissue.

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