Preparing for Your Bacterial Skin Infections Appointment

Many bacterial skin infections can be highly contagious so receiving treatment at the onset of the condition is imperative. When visiting your skin care specialist there are a variety of questions and concerns you will want to address to better understand your skin condition, how to treat it, and how to prevent future infections. Before your appointment, write down all of the questions you want to ask your specialist and make a note of important information such as medications you are on, allergies you have, or major lifestyle changes that have occurred recently. This information can be valuable to your specialist in determining the best course of treatment for you. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask your skin care professional:

Questions to ask

• Do my symptoms indicate bacterial skin infection?
• Should I be concerned about tissue damage?
• What caused my infection?
• How can I prevent spreading the infection?
• What are my treatment options?
• What kind of side effects should I expect from the treatment?
• How long will it take for my condition to resolve?

The following are a list of questions your treatment provider may ask you:

Questions for you

• How long have you had the skin infection?
• Have you recently been exposed to unsanitary conditions?
• Are your symptoms reoccurring?
• Are you experiencing any pain or skin itch?
• Are there circumstances that seem to improve you symptoms?
• Does anything make your symptoms worse?

Be prepared to also discuss your medical and family history with your skin care professional. Once your skin has been analyzed and the appropriate information is collected, your practitioner can then proceed to create a treatment plan for you. This could be as simple antibacterial medication or in more severe cases, aggressive medical treatment may be necessary. Be prepared to also book a follow-up appointment so that your treatment provider can ensure the infection is healing properly.

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