Cost of Bacterial Skin Infection Treatments

The cost of your bacterial skin infection treatment is greatly determined by the type of treatment you are receiving and the dosage of medication prescribed.

Antibiotic creams including Bacitracin, Mupirocin, and Altabax can average anywhere in between $7-$90. Again, this cost depends on the amount of topical antibiotic needed to cover a certain area of the skin or how many applications are required.

The average cost for a prescription of oral antibiotics such as erythromycin ranges from $20 to $40. This price can differ depending on the dosage.

More severe bacterial skin infections may require antibiotics delivered through an IV. The cost for this treatment will vary and will take into account the dosage requirement and the cost of the hospital stay.

Be prepared for additional costs that may occur regarding tests. These may be necessary as part of your diagnosis and course of treatment. The types of tests rneeded may include taking blood samples or skin cultures, or both.

If you have medical insurance you may be entitled to having a portion, if not all of the treatment, covered by your insurance. Consult with your insurance company to find out what level of coverage you have.

During your initial consultation, your skin care practitioner will go over all of the various treatment options available to you and the costs of each. When creating a treatment plan, your skin care specialist will take into consideration the severity of your condition, your medical history, allergies, and other important factors that will provide the most effective method to safely and quickly resolve your infection.

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