Causes of Ringworm

The skin condition known as ringworm can be annoying, embarrassing, and even painful and unhealthy. Ringworm is not caused by an insect, but by a kind of fungal infection that can develop over time. The ringworm manifests in circular patterns or “lesions” of red and scaly skin that can cause a lot of itching and some pain.

Ringworm Causes

In most cases, individuals get ringworm from contact with shared surfaces. Ringworm is highly contagious and travels from one person to another. Those who don’t want to contract this skin condition are advised to avoid activities like wrestling and use appropriate garments and coverings when attending local gyms or other areas where people experience a lot of contact with shared surfaces. Communal living situations can also increase exposure to ringworm and similar skin conditions.

A range of skin conditions similar to ringworm are also spread in the same way. One of them is athlete’s foot, scientifically known as tinea pedis, where many of the same rules apply. Anyone with a beginning case of athlete’s foot can limit the spread of this condition by keeping the area dry and clean, changing socks and shoes, and generally practicing good hygiene.

Treating Ringworm

When it comes to getting rid of a case of ringworm, some topical solutions can help. There are also common sense home care remedies that can help get rid of this troublesome skin irritation. Without some good intervention and care, the ringworm can develop into extensive skin damage and more discomfort. Those with symptoms of ringworm should talk to their family doctor about how to help get rid of this fungal infection.

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