What Types of Skin Cancer Does Mohs Surgery Treat?

Mohs Surgery has a very high cure rate for several types of common skin cancers compared to other treatments. The treatment is even designed to remove or damage as little healthy skin and tissue as possible to preserve cosmetically important areas such as the face and neck. Scarring is also minimal following treatment.

Common Skin Cancers

Basal cell carcinoma and squamous carcinoma are two of the most common types of skin cancer and may be treated with Mohs Surgery. Certain types of melanoma may also be treated, while various other rare forms of skin cancer may be treated as well. Patients who are diagnosed with skin cancer are encouraged to discuss Mohs Surgery with their doctor and oncologist to determine if this procedure is right for them.

When Else is Mohs Surgery Beneficial?

Mohs Surgery may also be used when the cancer has recurred or when there is a higher chance that the cancer spreads to other areas of the body. It may also be used if it is difficult to determine where the cancer ends or if large tumors are present. Skin cancer in children may also be treated with Mohs Surgery. Talk to a doctor to determine if Mohs Surgery is the right treatment option for you.

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