What are the Benefits of Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Surgery is a procedure designed to provide a through removal of skin cancer. A surgeon, histotechnician, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon work to perform the steps of the procedure, although in many cases one surgeon will perform all of the tasks involved.

Highest Cure Rate

Mohs Surgery offers the highest cure rate for patients suffering from several common forms of skin cancer including squamous cell carcinoma. Patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer are encouraged to inquire about Mohs Surgery to determine if the procedure is right for them.

Preserves Healthy Tissue

Mohs Surgery is designed to preserve as much healthy skin and tissue as possible. This is especially important when working on areas of cosmetic importance such as the face and neck. Mohs surgery is often used to provide the highest cure rate while preserving as much healthy skin as possible.

When Mohs Surgery is Used

Mohs Surgery may be an attractive option in cases when cancer is likely to return or in cases in which the cancer grows quickly. It may also be used when skin cancer is found in children and when skin cancer has a high risk of spreading to other areas of the body. This procedure allows the surgeon or pathologist to examine each layer of skin to check for cancer cells as the layers are removed. Until cancer is found to be completely removed, the surgeon will continue to remove cancerous tissue and examine each layer of skin for cancer. For more information about Mohs Surgery, consult a trained surgeon or physician.

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