Vitiligo Prevention

Patients with vitiligo will notice expanding white patches on their skin. This is due to the loss of melanin; which is the pigment that gives the skin, hair and eyes their color. There is no cure for vitiligo, although certain treatments may be helpful in slowing or stopping the condition's progression.

Causes of Vitiligo

Unfortunately, there is no known way to prevent vitiligo. The cause of the condition is not fully understood, although certain theories exist as to what causes the loss of pigment. Some blame an immune disorder, while others say genetics play a role. Still, others point to sunburn or a particular incident of emotional distress.

Coping with the Condition

As there is no way to prevent vitiligo, patients who are affected should learn how to cope with the condition. Patients should learn about the disease so that they may be involved in making treatment decisions and should maintain open communication with their doctor.

Wearing sunscreen may help to prevent tanning that may make the contrast more noticeable. This is also important in protecting the skin from further damage. SPF 30 is usually recommended for patients with vitiligo.

Cosmetics and sunless tanning may be helpful in lessening the appearance of the condition. When dealing with cosmetics, patients may find a cosmetic specialist helpful in matching their skin tone with a concealing cosmetic.

More information and coping methods may be available from a skincare specialist. Family doctors, dermatologists, nurses, estheticians and other skincare professionals may be helpful in providing further suggestions or helpful information.

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