Vitiligo Natural Remedies: Turmeric and Mustard Oil

Vitiligo natural remedies may be used as an alternative treatment for the traditional vitiligo therapy or may be used in conjunction with the traditional treatment. Tumeric and mustard oil may be used in a solution and applied topically on areas affected by vitiligo.


Tumeric is a powerful antiseptic and anti inflammatory plant, belonging to the same family of plants as ginger. Tumeric is widely used in oriental medicine, both internally and externally. When used internally, tumeric will be a natural immune system booster. Externally, tumeric may cure or prevent infections.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also used both internally and externally. Used internally, the oil may have an immune system boosting effect, working well as a liver detoxifier as well. Some studies have also shown that the mustard oil can prevent cardiovascular diseases. Used externally, mustard oil will soothe skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Tumeric and Mustard Oil

Tumeric and mustard oil can be mixed and may be used in the management of vitiligo depigmented patches. The solution can be prepared using 5 tbsp of powdered tumeric and 200 to 250 ml mustard oil. The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed into a homogenous paste.

    The solution should be applied externally, twice per day. If used regularly for over 6 months, there should be visible results. However, the results may vary from patient to patient. The patches will diminish or even disappear. Unlike other types of treatment, the tumeric and mustard oil mixture will not have any side effects.

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