Vitiligo Natural Remedies: Psoralea and Ginger Juice

Vitiligo natural treatments have gained popularity over the traditional treatments, as these natural remedies have fewer side effects and may be as efficient as the other treatments. Psoralea can be used in conjunction with ginger juice to restore the original color to the depigmented skin.

Ginger Juice

Ginger is a powerful vegetable that has a distinct flavor and may also be used topically or internally as an anti inflammatory and anti bacterial solution. Ginger may also be effective in patients with blood clotting disorders and the ingestion of ginger juice will stimulate the blood circulation and prevent digestive problems.


Psoralea is a plant from the family of legumes (Fabaceae). There are several species of psoralea and many of these are poisonous. However, there are a few species that can be eaten: Psoralea esculenta, Psoralea hypogaea or P. lanceolata (tumble weed). Psoralea should not be confused with psoralen, which is a substance present in the seeds from figs, celery or parsley.

Ginger Juice and Psoralea for Vitiligo

While most Vitiligo natural treatments are applied externally, the ginger juice and psoralea solution is recommended as an internal treatment. It is important to use only non toxic Psoralea species in the treatment, as the poisonous species will not be effective in treating Vitiligo and may also cause additional complications.

The Psoralea seeds should be soaked in ginger juice for three to five days. The seeds should then be dried indoors and when completely dried, these should be ground into a powder. The powder obtained should be ingested on a daily basis, 1 to 3 tbsp per day or as indicated by the natural medicine specialist. The powder may not have a pleasant taste or smell and it is recommended to mix it with milk or orange juice to diminish the unpleasant taste.

The treatment should be applied for several months before results will be visible. In some patients, the Vitiligo patches get to the initial color in just six months, while other patients will require over 12 months of treatment to see any results. The treatment is not recommended for patients that have high blood pressure.

Additional Remedies for Vitiligo

Patients with Vitiligo that take the psoralea powder should also look into additional remedies that could help restoring the pigmentation to the white skin patches:

  • Frequent baths are recommended, as the warm water stimulates the development of melanocytes, which are responsible for the color of the skin
  • Exposure to sun is also recommended on a daily basis, at least 10 minutes per day, as the sun rays can stimulate the melanin formation as well
  • Drinking green tea or applying green tea bags on the white patches
  • Olive oil applied on the depigmented patches

The patients affected by Vitiligo should also stay away from a number of products such as dairy, coffee, soft drinks, red meat, fish and citrus fruits, which have been associated with the worsening of the condition.

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