Unwanted Facial Hair and Pregnancy

The quality of the hair during pregnancy may change, and it may get thicker and out of control; unwanted facial hair may also occur. This condition is only temporary and should disappear after pregnancy. If the hair is considered unaesthetic, it may be eliminated through a few treatments.

Unwanted Facial Hair and Pregnancy

Excessive hair may occur during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, due to the presence of the androgens, which are sexual hormones.

Hair may appear on the face, chin, arms, legs, back and sometimes even on the breast or belly. The presence of the hair is only temporary and will disappear after the pregnancy, typically within 6 months post partum. If the hair persists, this may indicate a hormonal imbalance and should be treated with a few injectible hormones.

Facial Hair Treatment

The unwanted facial hair that occurs during pregnancy may be removed using a few methods:

  • Waxing, which can be safely used during pregnancy, without affecting the baby
  • Shaving
  • Tweezing
  • Natural creams that lighten hair, containing soy or other plant based hormones

Bleaches and depilatory chemical creams are not recommended, as these contain chemicals which may affect the fetus. It’s good to avoid laser or light treatment as well, so as not to affect the pregnancy. The effects of laser beams haven’t been tested on pregnant women, but are not predictable, so they shouldn’t be used during pregnancy. In addition, these procedures may also be painful and costly.

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